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I've been with Team Haines for a little over a year, and have never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I have since starting training with them. I started training in December 2015, after losing almost 100 pounds on my own; I wanted to set a new goal for myself: to become a bikini competitor. Through their guidance and expertise, I lost an additional 30 pounds, completed prep, and competed in 2 shows in 2016. My confidence went through the roof. Now I'm in my second year with TH, and I've kept off those 30 pounds and have made this a lifestyle. Not only has Team Haines changed the way I train and eat, but they have truly changed the way I see myself. I know now that I am capable of having a stable relationship with my body image and with food; I know I'm capable of being an athlete. As someone who was once 100+ pounds overweight, that was not an easy thing to believe about myself at first. Team Haines is not just personal training. For me, it includes a group of strong, amazing women who inspire me every day just be being themselves; there's not a single person that I've interacted with through this team that has been anything less than caring, kind, and helpful. I am so glad I made the choice to work towards my goals with TH, and I'm so excited for the year ahead!  - Marjorie Sanders

I could write a novel and I still don't think I could truly explain what team haines training has done for me. I never thought I could be in this good of shape. There were times I doubted myself but team haines kept motivating me and pushing me past what I could have ever imagined. They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I trust them. I know they are knowledgeable, reliable and honest. I have experienced this for over 2 years and I'm extremely grateful I found them. 
- Lisa Moredock

I am a true believer of honesty, loyalty, and supporting those that have dreams and ambitions.  From day 1 of approaching Team Haines and letting them know of my dream of competing again after doing my first show 10 years prior, I was given their honesty, loyalty, and their support 110%!  I knew it was a crazy dream but I also knew that with the best coach I could do anything I set my mind to.  And, I was right.  

I felt that with their support and constant encouragement I made it through each and every workout.  Sure, it was harder 10 years later, but knowing that they were there every step of the way made it all possible!  I walked on the stage again ... And boy was I EXCITED!

Now, a few years later and not being in prep mode any longer, I have found the best group of ladies that continue to support me and encourage me just in my day to day life.   The Team Haines ladies continue to inspire me just to be the BEST me!!  I have found friends for life through this team.  

Again, honesty, loyalty and support!  They are the BEST!!  - Kim Hughes

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